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Start: 09-Dec-2016
End: 28-Nov-2016

SCEM Networking Session **Complimentary Event *2 SCEM PDU [SCEM Networking-201612]


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The benefits of energy information systems (EMIS & EMS) and data to drive energy savings are well documented. The recent Government-led Smart Nation initiatives re-inforce this. However, the steps to implement are often daunting for many plant level personnel. There are challenges in understanding the energy systems and the specific data required to build meaningful metrics. There are also challenges in getting the data and communicating with lots of existing systems. This presentation will give practical examples of EMIS integration projects across commonly seen systems such as compressed air, boilers, chillers and ACMV systems.

The presentation will focus specifically on the practical aspects and benefits of delivering energy information systems using examples from Singapore-based industrial projects. It will address the steps involved in both designing and delivering the projects and the challenges that were overcome.

It will also introduce eSight Energy, one of the world's most advanced energy management software platforms with comprehensive analysis tools. This hardware independent, web-based software has been helping industrial organisations reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions since 1998. The presentation will provide numerous examples of various tools that can greatly assist energy managers in reaching their targets and support their NEA reporting requirements.

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SCEM Networking Session 09-Dec-2016 01:30:00 28-Nov-2016 17:00:00