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Start: 17-Aug-2010
End: 17-Aug-2010

Regional Technical Project Development and Opportunities Analysis - Training on Strategic Access to Multilateral Projects and Funding


Time:9.30am - 05.00pm 
Venue             :230 Victoria Street #10-00 
  Bugis Junction Office Tower 
  Singapore 180024 

* Invitation extended to SEAS Members only. 

Singapore-based companies are eager to introduce their unique Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) capabilities and technologies to new markets. In this scope of work, DFI sets out a comprehensive effort specifically designed to support SEAS and Singapore-based EE/RE firms' business expansion efforts within the region.

By tapping DFI's expertise and network, SEAS will accelerate commercial success for Singapore-based compaines through market and institutional intelligence focused directly at pursuing donor-funded opportunities in target markets. SEAS will also benefit from informed relationship building supported by DFI that will enhance Singapore - based compaines'position within the donor institutions and targeted countries, ultimately accelerating business objectives in these markets. 

Regional Opportunities for Members - China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam

Rising fuel costs and widening Energy Supply gap motivate Governments to focus on Renewable Energy Sources. International Funding Organizations (IFOs) and Governments in Asia make Climate Change the top agenda item. IFOs are investing heavily to scale up investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Most of the target countries have set up favourable regulations, policies and incentives to promote RE and EE.

India unveils a $9 billion investment plan to build 5,000 MW of installed capacity for Solar Energy by 2017. There is a strong push scale up investments in small hydro and also to push EE in buildings.

China looks at investments in Biomass and Energy efficiency to meet its climate change objectives. ADB and WB funded Projects with a total of $3.2 billion in project cost currently being implemented. The Clean Technology Fund Investment Plan lays out a $8 billion clean energy investment plan for the VIP (Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia) countries.

Government of Indonesia (GOI) plans to add 10GW of power generation capacity during 2012-19 of which 6GW will be from Renewable Energy (RE) sources.

Government of Philippines (GOP) unveils the most progressive Energy Policy in the region, energy saving target of 10% by 2030 forms the basis of the Energy Efficiency agenda of GOP.

Government of Vietnam targets 5% contribution from RE sources to total power generation by 2020, current contribution negligible.

Benefits by attending this event 

Using time-tested tools and patented approaches, the deliverables from DFI's effort will provide SEAS and its member companies the following benefits: 

  • An in-depth understanding of project opportunities with the matched potential of SEAS Member capabilities within the region.
  • Up-to-date intelligence on leading RE/EE projects in the region, focused on the capabilities and offerings of SEAS members, thus expanding the potential sales pipeline;
  • Leads to key RE/EE decision-makers in-country, including government and donor programs which have funds and resources available for clean energy initiatives in the region;
  • Coaching on how to internalize the intelligence on donor projects and programs and then how to sucessfully pursue contracts and tap funds;and
  • Multilateral projects covered will include projects by Asian Development Bank, World Bank, USAID, USAID's Environmental Cooperation-Asia, Multi-donor Climate Investment Fund, ect.

About Development Finance International, Inc. (DFI)

Development Finance International, Inc. (DFI) is an international business developement advisory firm that accelerates corporate growth in emerging markets. With a staff of multidisciplinary experts and offices strategically located in the headquarter cities of the world's principal development organizations, DFI positions its clients to win market share in more than $500 billion in annual development projects. DFI's clientele includes many of the world's top multinational firms as well as small, sector-leading companies. Since 1992, DFI's extensive networks, its in-depth understanding of the funding processes, and its hands-on design and implementation approach have generated more than $1 billion in revenues for its clients. 

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Regional Technical Project Development and Opportunities Analysis - Training on Strategic Access to Multilateral Projects and Funding 17-Aug-2010 09:30:00 17-Aug-2010 17:00:00