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Start: 02-Dec-2016
End: 02-Dec-2016

Project Develop in Renewable Energy




Navigating around renewable energy (RE) development is a difficult and dynamic process.  This is an introductory course that will enable participants to understand more about the unique intricacies revolving around RE development and financing in a world shifting toward cleaner energy.  This basic course will touch upon fundamental issues such as the business case for RE and improving project bankability and feasibility.  The course will also lend insights into the capital raising process as well as the legal framework surrounding project development.


  • Initial Business Case
  • Economics and key Renewable Energy parameters
  • Initial project initial valuation
  • Preliminary design and Feasibility Studies
  • Planning and permitting
  • Engineering and EPC (tender)
  • Procurement
  • Financial Structuring
  • Building and commissioning
  • Real project development case studies in South East Asia

Learning Outcome:

  • To learn more about RE project development in Asia
  • Explain how various financing structures can be practical for projects
  • To understand the importance of a strong business case when developing RE projects
  • To understand the economics of RE and methods on improving project bankability
  • To lend insights into project valuation and structuring; particularly non-recourse project financing in Asia
  • To learn the methods for project design and conducting feasibility studies
  • To understand more about the legal process; contractual arrangements and permits
  • To be exposed to the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry
  • To understand RE-specific capital raising processes until financial close
  • To learn more about the building and commissioning process

Trainer: Mr. Yanis Boudjouher, CEO, ReEx Capital Asia Pte Ltd

C-Suite: TBC

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SEAS Training Centre at Park Mall

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