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Start: 25-Nov-2010
End: 26-Nov-2010

Photovoltaics on Building (4th Run)


Singapore is a small city-state without natural resources such as oil and natural gas. Fortunately, we are blessed with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. When designing a building to harness this renewable solar energy, Solar Photovoltaics (PV) helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels and improves the building's environmental performance.

PV systems convert sunlight directly to electricity. Not only can PV enable a buildinf to save electricity costs from SP PowerGrid, it can also make a building stand out from the crowd, by enhancing its environmental appeal and high-tech image. Due to growing demand from clean sourses of energy, the production of solar photovolraic cells and modules has expanded dramatically in recent years.

Accordingly, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched its Green Mark Scheme in January 2005 to raise enviromental awareness among developers, designers and builders, and to promote sustainability in the built enviroment at the project conceptualisation and design phases, as well as during construction. They are also encouraging developers to include PV in their projects as part of their Green Mark Award scheme.

The Singapore government has launched a SG$20 million fund for private sector developers to encourage the adoption of solar technologies within buildings in Singapore. Compaines involved in new building projects that has achieved BCA Green Mark Gold - Plus standard can apply for the Solar Capability Scheme (SCS).

Many aspiring PV systems owners find themselves poorly prepared when requesting system proposals and evaluating offers, as they might have little or no prior experience of PV systems and what levels of payback and incentive schemes apply. Hence, two experienced PV industry professionals are invited to clear your doubts.

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Early Bird Applications will close on 10 November 2010, Wednesday.
All other applications will close on 15 November 2010, Monday.

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