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Start: 17-Feb-2017
End: 17-Feb-2017

New Opportunities for Electric Mobility in Smart Energy Systems **7 SCEM PDUs [EMOBILE-201702]


* 7 SCEM PDUs and PE PDUs to be awarded


For any given vehicle population, displacing fossil fuel vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs) will improve the island's air quality, and reduce pollution related costs, while contributing towards Singapore's emission reduction commitments.

With the announcement during the Singapore parliament session on the 9th May 2016 for the roll out of 2,000 charging stations, and the recent announcement to roll out-electric taxi fleet to further decarbonise the transport sector, it is now pertinent to have the right charging infrastructure, standards and policies available for other adopters of electrical vehicles in Singapore to ensure a level playing field and promote the option of electric vehicles.

Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) published a white paper on 26 July 2016 that is a private sector effort to explore the topic of E-mobility from various perspectives of technology, policy, sustainability as well as business opportunity. The participants will have the opportunity to learn from the leaders in the space of E-mobility regarding future developments. Many speakers were part of the white paper committee set up by SEAS.

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New Opportunities for Electric Mobility in Smart Energy Systems 17-Feb-2017 09:00:00 17-Feb-2017 17:00:00