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Start: 05-Aug-2014
End: 06-Aug-2014

Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2014




Myanmar is a country that has abundant renewable energy potential from hydro, biomass, wind, and solar resources. Among these, only hydropower is being commercially exploited. The Myanmar government is undertaking ventures to exploit these renewable energy resources, both as a basis for accelerated overall economic development and for direct social benefit to their residents.

The Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2014 is designed to provide a platform for international energy industry players and potential investors to gather in Yangon; providing updated on the market potential and development plan of the green energy sector in Myanmar; implication of new economic regulations arising from latest parliamentary decision for the energy sectors.

The Summit will focus on the following areas:

·         Market Potential in Green Energy in Myanmar

·         Market Potential in Power Transmission Grids in Myanmar

·         Latest Power Generation and Transmission Policies in Myanmar

·         Recent Trends in Power Generation and Transmission Equipment and Technology

·         Socio-Environmental Impact Solution for Energy Projects

·         Latest Foreign Investment Laws for The Green Energy Sector

·         IPP’s Incentives and Taxation Laws

·         Financing of Green Energy Projects


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