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Start: 26-Nov-2015
End: 26-Nov-2015

Measurement & Verifications Series: Introduction to Chiller Plant M&V [MV1-201511]


There is a real need for engineers in design, operation and maintenance of high efficiency chiller plants to extract maximum value from their expensive BAS/BMS systems.  It is also a pre-requisite for green mark and NEA certified projects to meet some minimum standards for monitoring intervals, accuracy and long term performance.

Using actual projects with real-time data, we will download data and perform actual analysis, to illustrate the need for accurate sensors, to trouble shoot chiller plant components, sensor issues and quantify chiller performance and costs.

There are 2 introductory classes to prepare participants for the final class in practical M&V in chiller plants.  Participants can choose between the introductory classes depending on experiences of the participants in design, operation and maintenance of plants.

Practical Measurement & Verifications Series

Session1: Introduction to chiller plant M&V

Objective: This session is targeted at audience who are new to central chilled water plants.  Audience will be given an overview of the major components of the central chilled water plants and their purposes and how they work together as a system.


Session 2: Intermediate concepts in chiller plant M&V

Objective: This session introduces the audience to the various codes and standards such as SS-553, SS591 and AHRI-550 that affect the design, operation and measurement of central chilled water plants.  Audience will also be introduced to the requirements of BCA's Green Mark and NEA's Guaranteed Energy Saving Project.


Session 3: Practical M&V analysis of actual platinum rated chiller plants

Objective: In this session, audience will learn best practices of chiller plant optimisation and performance verification from actual project and actual performance data.


At the end of the M&V series workshop, participants should be able to create significant savings in the operation of chiller plants and assist in the upgrade of existing and proposed new chiller plants.

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Introduction to chiller plant M&V 26-Nov-2015 09:00:00 26-Nov-2015 17:00:00