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Start: 16-May-2017
End: 18-May-2017

Masterclass in Energy Management of Compressed Air Systems ** 21 SCEM PDUs [MEMS(CAS)-201705]


* 21 SCEM PDUs and PE PDUs to be awarded

** Application for E2I Funding - In process


Compressed air systems hold the key to greater productivity, efficiency and profitability in your facility. You just have to understand where to look and what to do. There is an increasing awareness that the systems approach to design and operation of industrial compressed air systems improves performance and productivity. A properly designed and functioning compressed air system reduces energy consumption cost.

To optimise overall compressed air system efficiency, it is necessary to evaluate the whole system. Attempting to address individual parts of the system such as compressor control without evaluating issues of air storage, distribution and point of use can lead to incomplete analysis. Poor definition of system issues often results in treatment of symptoms. Failure to deal with the root cause of performance issues inevitably leaves the overall system with poor and inefficient operation.


Engineers, energy managers, facilities managers who are working in the industrial manufacturing sector. This course will benefit companies which make use of compressed air systems.

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Masterclass in Energy Management of Compressed Air Systems 16-May-2017 09:00:00 18-May-2017 17:00:00