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Start: 11-Jan-2017
End: 13-Jan-2017

Lighting Systems and Building Envelopes *24 SCEM PDU [SCEMP-201701-LSBE]


(A Module under the SCEM Professional Level)

** Exam optional for Non-SCEM Candidates

** PDUs to be awarded to SCEMs and Professional Engineers


This module covers the following major topics relate to the farcade and lighting systems:

  • Façade systems (Monocoque & Hybrid) - Curtain and glass wall systems - energy and sustainability with different types of envelopes - shades and louvres
  • Daylighting principles - parameters-tools-design and calculation of ETTV of building envelope & roof
  • Lighting principles - lamps-LED-ballast. Lighting design method-control-upgrades for energy-efficiency and life-cycle comparison


  • Develop a "single skin" concept for façade design to satisfy different issues arising from various types of curtain walls and their components
  • Evaluate inputs of Façade specialists and manage critical events during planning & installation
  • Define and calculate the ETTV and RETV of Wall, Roof and Fenestration of a building
  • Introduce Daylighting design via physical and computer-simulations to meet requirements
  • Survey the existing lighting of a building with the use of a pre-designed template
  • Analyze the current lighting components and devise possible changes & retrofits with state-of-the art lighting products for greater energy-efficiency
  • Evaluate the most appropriate new or retrofit solution based on initial cost as well as life-cycle economics
  • Integrate the above management practice into business practice of clients and their own organisations

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Module Title Start Date End Date
Lighting Systems and Building Envelopes 11-Jan-2017 09:00:00 13-Jan-2017 18:00:00