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Start: 07-Jun-2018
End: 07-Jun-2018

Introductory Course on Ocean Renewable Energy: A Training Workshop for New Entrants into the Southeast Asia Marine and Offshore Energy Market [I-ORE-201806]


The Southeast Asian (SEA) region has an ambitious target of tripling its renewable energy power generation by 2025. Marine renewable energy, as an emerging energy source, has not been as widely known as other renewable technologies such as hydro, geothermal, solar and wind. Marine renewable energy is a classification of renewable energies whose sources originate from the marine environment. It includes tidal energy, wave energy, salinity gradient and ocean thermal energy conversion. Each kind has its own characteristics and require specific devices to harness the different types of energy. It is well suited to the SEA region due to the proximity of many countries to large bodies of ocean. Given the growth in demand for power, marine renewable energy represents an attractive investment opportunity. Collaboration amongst industry, government, academe and supply chain stakeholders will be critical to more widespread adoption. 

Programme Outline

The 1 day workshop will consist of 5 sessions covering various aspects of marine renewable energy that may be of interest to the target audience.

Session 1

Introduction to Ocean Renewable Energy (ORE) & the ORE Industry 

Session 2

Market Opportunities & Challenges of Ocean Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia 

Session 3

Experiences in Tidal Energy and Wave Energy Project Development 

Session 4

Assessments for ORE: Resource, Environment, and Techno-Economics 

Session 5

Investing on Ocean Renewable Energy Technologies & Projects


Speaker's Profile



Dr Ralf Starzmann

Sales Director & Head of Hydrodynamics, SCHOTTEL HYDRO

Ralf Starzmann graduated as a mechanical engineer of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, in 2007. Until 2008 he worked with VOITH Hydro in their ocean energy department on wave and tidal energy devices. In 2008 he started as a Ph.D. student at the University of Siegen, Germany, specializing on the aero-acoustic analysis of the Wells turbine for ocean wave energy conversion. After completing his Ph.D. in 2012, he joined SCHOTTEL and is working on tidal energy related issues. Since 2015 Ralf is the Sales Director and Head of Hydrodynamics of SCHOTTEL HYDRO. Ralf is also a member of the German mirror committee for IEC TC 114.

Dr Michael Abundo 

Managing Director, OceanPixel 

Dr. Michael Abundo is a green techno-preneur who specializes in marine renewable energy sector. Michael is actively helping increase the uptake of marine renewable energy in South East Asia and he has been involved in pilot projects in the region for both wave and tidal energy ‘localized’ for tropical conditions. He has served as a faculty member and research laboratory head for the Instrumentation, Robotics, and Controls Laboratory at EEE Institute, University of the Philippines.


Click here for more information about the course objectives and target audience. 

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