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Start: 16-Nov-2015
End: 17-Nov-2015

Introduction to Solar PV Systems [SolarPV 201511]


Course Objectives

With the increasing number of solar PV systems installed all around the world, including Singapore, there the need to have more trained professionals to help carry out this growth. The training course is a basic but very informative 2-day introduction to help students understand about the workings of Solar PV energy systems and perhaps enlighten them to proceed further into developing solar  PV studies and engineering.

This basic course will cover the fundamental subjects such as energy and energy efficiency in the home/business, discuss the best ways to capture sunlight and takes a look at the system design and operational workshops of these individual components that are connected together to create solar PV system.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand energy and apply energy efficiency in the home and business
  • To understand how to measure electrical energy with an energy meter and how to apply using them with different Solar PV export topologies
  • To understand Solar irradiance values and how it effects solar PV generation
  • To understand what Peak Sun Hours (PSH) are and how to apply to calculating solar PV energy yields
  • To understand the constructional sections of Solar PV modules
  • To understand the different types of Solar cell technologies and learn how these can be best selected for different operating environments.
  • Learn how to install solar PV modules, with understanding the key fundamentals of solar PV module orientation and tilt values


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Email: Tel: +(65) 6337 9886

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SEAS Training Center @ Park Mall #08-02

Module Title Start Date End Date
Introduction to Solar PV Systems 16-Nov-2015 09:00:00 17-Nov-2015 17:00:00