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Start: 06-Apr-2017
End: 06-Apr-2017

Introduction to Solar PV Systems [IntroSolar-201704]


* SCEM and PE PDU points to be awarded

** Skills Future Credit Available


With the growth of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed globally and in Singapore, we need more trained professionals to meet demand. This training course is a comprehensive 1-day introduction to help students understand the workings of solar PV energy systems and encourage them to pursue further solar PV and engineering studies.

This basic covers fundamental topics such as energy and power, and the best ways to harvest sunlight. It explains the operation of key components in a PV system and the criterial for PV system design.


  • Clearly differentiate between power and energy
  • Understand solar irradiance values and how they affect solar PV generation
  • Calculate PV energy yields and performance ratio (PR)
  • Understand the different PV cell technologies and learn which to select accordingly to operating environment
  • Learn how to install solar PV modules, based on key fundamentals of solar PV module orientation and tilt angle

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Introduction to Solar PV Systems 06-Apr-2017 09:00:00 06-Apr-2017 17:00:00