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Start: 03-Mar-2016
End: 03-Mar-2016

Integrative Design Process & Energy Efficiency


A basic level course intended for adopters of Integrative Design Process.  The aim is to provide a basic understanding of IDP and its link to Energy Efficiency and measurable sustainability.  The lecturer will also share his valuable experience on common design mistakes and appropriate solutions to the efficiency problems.

Course Objectives:

On successful completion, the candidate will be able to:

  • Identify the opportunities for IDP both via retrofit of existing systems and for new projects
  • Understand performance metrics and international guidelines for sustainable measures
  • Organise IDP for his business from conceptual design whether brown field or green field
  • Avoid common mistake sin technology and design solutions and create efficient and future proven facility
  • Calculate the positive influence of IDP in terms of reducing recourse consumption, CAPEX, OPEX, budget and project schedule
  • Increase triple bottom line benefits
















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SEAS Training Center @ Park Mall #08-02

Module Title Start Date End Date
Integrative Design Process & Energy Efficiency 03-Mar-2016 09:00:00 03-Mar-2016 17:00:00