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Start: 23-Nov-2016
End: 24-Nov-2016

Integrating Safety, Sustainability & Engineering in Laboratory Design *7 SCEM PDU [LabDesign-201611]


**SCEM PDU 7 points awarded to SCEMs


  • Design laboratories to suit the purpose of the organization.
  • Minimize the risk of harm to laboratory users as well as environment impact.
  • Cover 4 major types of hazard typically in the laboratory.


  • Team work in design of laboratory.
  • Critical planning and the effects on setup cost and operation cost.
  • The application of the "thinking" operability studies and energy minimisation.
  • Design of lab including layout, support services, design for safety and sustainability in chemical, biological, radiation and physical hazards that may be in the lab.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the equipment to be used (hazards), the energies consumed and the waste generated in the process.
  • The legal consequences of poor design and the impact of the local laws and regulations.


Laboratories is a vital part of many manufacturing industries. From food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, including even industries of higher learning, laboratories designs are rather unique, challenging and complex in many aspects. There are many technical considerations when integrating engineering concept to ensure safety and sustainability in a modern lab environment are being addressed.  

The course is to provide some practical suggestions to what have to be considered in the design of a laboratory to suit its purpose in the organisation. This has to be done with the aim of minimising risk and hazards to the laboratory users, minimising risk and hazards to the laboratory users, minimising huge operating, maintenance and infrastructure cost, minimising environment impact and above all, be in compliance with the regulatory and industrial best practices.

This course will cover major types of hazards that are likely to be in most laboratories and how engineering design can affect the well being of the people and the environment.


  • Environment, Health & Safety personnel
  • Lab Management
  • Lab Staff
  • Lab Architects/Designers
  • Engineers


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Integrating Safety, Sustainability & Engineering in Laboratory Design 23-Nov-2016 09:00:00 24-Nov-2016 17:00:00