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Start: 28-Feb-2008
End: 28-Feb-2008

Informal Business Networking session-Solar Power here today and more tomorrow


Program Outline 
The Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Industry worldwide is experiencing robust global growth due to rising energy demand, climate change concerns and technological advances. The Informal Networking Session series by SBF and SEAS are organized on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to help build up the community of companies and professionals from the industry. Each session features a short keynote by a leading speaker around a different theme related to the clean energy and Sustainable development industry. Participants can expect easy interaction, networking, learning and experience sharing as well as
business matching opportunities in an informal ambience.

Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Ecosystem
The clean energy and sustainable industry is cross sectoral and spans various industry verticals and functional areas - chemical, energy and utilities, environmental management and waste recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency (across manufacturing, transport/logistics, building & real estate), green IT/computing as well as clean energy VCs and financing, project management and consultancy, government agencies, academic and research institutes, energy audit professionals, etc.

Target Audience
SBF and SEAS members, as well as business and industry professionals in clean energy and sustainable
development industry.

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Informal Business Networking session-Solar Power here today and more tomorrow 28-Feb-2008 19:00:00 28-Feb-2008 21:00:00