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Start: 03-Mar-2010
End: 03-Mar-2010

Implementing a Corporate Carbon Management Programme


Time: 09.00am - 05.00pm 
Venue: Zero Energy Building, BCA Academy 
 200 Braddell Road 
 Singapore 579700 

Scientists have declared that global greenhouse has (GHG emissions need to be reduced by 80% by mid-century to stabilise the climate at a level which allow our economies to develop sustainbly. Since 2005, the Untied Nation's Kyoto Protocol has set the scene for global greenhouse gas reductions. The Copenhagen Accord (signed in Secember 2009) succeeds the Kyoto Protocol post 2012, and while it is not long on detail, it is clear on the intent of the international community to develop financing mechanisms to reduce global GHG emissions and the impacts of climate change.

Singapore has a strategy to become Asia's hub for carbon trading - an industry valued at $120 billion last year - which is set to grow substantially when the provisions of the Copenhagen Accord are translated into carbon taxes, cap and trade schemes, and direct regulation to control emissions - with some estimating it to reach $1 trillion within 5 years.

Similarly, many companies based in the Asia - Pacific region sit within the supply chains of large European and US compaines and are increasingly aware of the business benefits of reducing their own carbon footprints through the purchase of carbon credits.

Within this context, there is increasing pressure for businesses to really understand and reduce their carbon footprint whilst growing profits. This workshop will provide delegates with a detailed understanding of the elements they need to consider when implementing on offset-based carbon management programme. 


  • Explain the science and consequences of climate change
  • Discuss the Singapore government's climate change strategy and the implications for business
  • Explain how to implement a carbon management strategy for competitive advantage
  • Provide advice on identifying opportunities to participate in the CDM market
  • Share knowledge with other companies on carbon management best practice

Target Audience

This seminar will be valuable for executives responsible for their company's carbon management strategy including:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • Engineers
  • Facilities Management Manager / Operations Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Managing Manager
  • Marketing Manager

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Implementing a Corporate Carbon Management Programme 03-Mar-2010 09:00:00 03-Mar-2010 17:00:00