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Start: 27-Apr-2017
End: 27-Apr-2017

Green Data Centre Overview & Operations **7 SCEM PDUs [DATA1-201704]


* 7 SCEM PDUs and PE PDUs to be awarded


Energy expenditures account for the vast majority of the operating costs during a data centre life-time, and this fact is becoming critical in order to ensure business profitability. During this one-day course, we will discuss how to manage a data centre efficiently, focusing on both design and operational issues, and showing the state-of-the-art practices to reduce costs in the sector.


The participants of the course will acquire the following knowledge:

  • Strategies and approaches to efficient DC design
  • Manage daily Data Centre operations efficiently
  • Manage the facilities in Data Centre efficiently
  • Deepen energy and cost management knowledge
  • Evaluate procedures to reduce operational expenditures in Data Centre Environments
  • Analyse the lay-out of a Data Centre and apply strategies to improve its overall condition

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SEAS Training Venue: City Square Mall

Module Title Start Date End Date
Green Data Centre Overview & Operations 27-Apr-2017 09:00:00 27-Apr-2017 17:00:00