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Start: 24-Mar-2017
End: 24-Mar-2017

Financing of Renewable Energy ** 7 SCEM PDUs [FRE-201703]


** SCEM and PDU points to be awarded


As a highly-urbanised city-state with limited natural resources, sustainability is synonymous with Singapore. The city-state is noted for placing sustainability at the core of its government policies over the decades while enabling a growing economy. Renewable energy's potential in the region is tremendous and the industry is merely at the beginning of its growth.


This workshop aims to provide participants with a broad overview of the renewable energy in South East Asia, with a particular focus on business models and financing.

One of the main limitations to rapid growth of the sector is access to financing and project bankability. The workshop will covers topics related to optimising funding structures and financing considerations.

With both private and public sector exposure in renewable energy, the speaker will share his experience with setting up and running a renewable energy platform, as well as thoughts on government's policies and opportunities in the region.

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Financing of Renewable Energy 24-Mar-2017 09:00:00 24-Mar-2017 17:00:00