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Start: 01-Aug-2014
End: 05-Aug-2014

Energy Recovery and Reuse


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Energy Recovery and Reuse

1,4,5 August '14

9am - 6pm

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On successful completion of this module, the candidate will be able to :

  • Decribe pinch anlysis and its methologies, benefits and applications
  • Apply pinch analysis methods to find targets for heat exchanger networks
  • Apply pinch analysis methology to design and evolve heat exchanger networks
  • Discuss other energy recovery techniques for chemical and process industries
  • Analyze and improve energy efficiency of chemical, thermal and related processes


  • Introduction
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pinch Analysis Concepts
  • Targeting
  • Heat Exchanger Network Design
  • Other Energy Recovery Techniques
  • Industrial Applications
  • Steam system management


Dr G.P. Rangaiah and Mr Andrew Morrison

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SEAS Training Centre @ Park Mall

Module Title Start Date End Date
Energy Recovery and Reuse 01-Aug-2014 09:00:00 05-Aug-2014 06:00:00