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Start: 09-Jul-2018
End: 11-Jul-2018

Energy Measurement & Audit


Course Summary

Accurate energy measurement and analysis is essential for any energy improvement program. Accurate and continuous measurement of sub-systems energy demand and efficiency has been proven to lead to sustainable and highly efficient buildings.
Unfortunately, it is a common practice to only measure power demand (kW) or energy consumption (kWh) of whole buildings.
Therefore, there is a severe lack of skills and knowledge in accurate measurement and analysis of energy demand and efficiency of subsystems such as chiller plant kW/RT, fans W/CMH or lighting W/m2.
Without equipping energy engineers with the skills to accurately measure and analyze energy demand, the industry will be mired with disagreements about energy efficiency claims.

Program Outline

1. The need for energy Measurement and Audit(M&A)
2. Introduction to different levels of energy M&A
3. Overview of measurement instruments
4. M&A of chiller plant
5. M&A of AHUs, FCUs and Mechanical Ventilation System
6. M&A of lighting system
7. Brief discussion on M&A of industrial systems
8. Practical session and assignments
9. Data plotting and analysis assignments
10. Briefing on safety


Speaker’s Profile

Mr Leow Kok Chong has been in the building services industry for the last 16 years, with wide experience in implementation of M&E services and turnkey projects. In the recent 8 years, the main focuses are in energy management and control systems optimization, which are used for strategic decision making in energy conservations.

Extra Information

Date: 9 - 11 July 2018

Time: 9am - 6pm


Before Funding: $1070.00; After Funding: $684.80

Fees are inclusive of GST

E2I funding is available to all Singaporean and PRs.
Interested participants are to register for full qualification of 4 cores & 2 electives to be eligible for funding
Optional Examination fees at $85.60

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180 Kitchener Road City Square Mall Level 6 Sky Park, #06-10

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Energy Measurement & Audit 09-Jul-2018 09:00:00 11-Jul-2018 18:00:00