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Start: 27-Mar-2008
End: 28-Mar-2008

Energy Efficiency Conference


Program Outline:

Amidst rising energy costs and growing awareness of environmental concerns due to increasing energy consumption, global energy leaders have been searching for novel solutions and alternatives to maintain productivity and competitiveness.
Continuous improvement in energy efficiency methodologies and technologies can provide a way forward to mitigate the current situation that is confronting businesses and
consumers of the future. The widespread implementation of best practices in energy efficiency in various sectors will help to drive a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability that will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and create a sustainable environment.
Target Audience:
SBF and SEAS members, as well as business and industry professionals in Clean Energy and Sustainable Energy development industry.

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Auditorium of the International Conference Centre in Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore,

Module Title Start Date End Date
Energy Efficiency Conference 27-Mar-2008 08:30:00 28-Mar-2008 17:00:00