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Start: 01-Mar-2017
End: 01-Mar-2017

Drivers of Energy Efficiency - Operations, Assessment & Solution


This introduction course is to help participants understand the fundamentals drivers of energy efficiency.  It will develop knowledge and  understanding of the energy consuming technologies in premises allowing one to know the operational cost impact that can affect business growth and the steps to optimize facility operations.  Participants will be able to conduct financial assessments of each solutions that maximise the return of investment.  This module discusses the direction which Singapore is taking for green buildings industries.  It also highlights the latest government policies and grants.


  • Introduction to Energy Management
  • Government initiatives and grants - Green Mark
  • Energy Management Standards - ISO 50001
  • Operating buildings efficiently
  • Understanding Energy Consumption
  • Basics of Electricity Generation - Conventional vs Renewable Energy Systems
  • What is an Energy Audit
  • Energy Consuming Devices
  • Potential Solutions - Behaviour, Technology & Control
  • Monitoring Energy
  • Energy Reporting

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding motivations - Drivers for Energy Management
  • Understanding energy use - Measure, Monitor & Target
  • Understanding the opportunity - Identifying Energy Savings
  • Making sure you succeed - Energy Management Systems
  • Looking beyond energy efficiency - Corporate Sustainability

Trainer: Mr. Vincent Low, Vice President, G-Energy Global Pte Ltd

C-Suite: TBC


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SEAS Training Centre at Park Mall

Module Title Start Date End Date
Drivers of Energy Efficiency - Operations, Assessment & Solution (March 2017 - Date is not firm) 01-Mar-2017 09:00:00 01-Mar-2017 17:00:00