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Start: 04-Oct-2016
End: 04-Oct-2016

Demand Ventilation Controls in Laboratory


The main aims of this workshop are to provide an understanding of:

  • Laboratory Airflow design criteria
  • Fumehood requirement and VAV system
  • Demand Ventilation Controls
  • Critical Airflow Management

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the design criteria for laboratory
  • Integrate DCV into energy management system
  • Understand of demand ventilation control
  • Set up (or develop) energy policy, energy planning, procedure for evaluating performance of energy systems and energy performance review, documentation and communication processes
  • Integrate energy management system into business practice
  • Understanding critical environment safety before implementation of energy saving management and technology
  • Evaluate financial attractiveness of energy retrofit projects
  • Understand the various energy savings performance models



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SEAS Training Center @ Park Mall #08-02

Module Title Start Date End Date
Demand Ventilation Controls in Laboratory 04-Oct-2016 09:00:00 04-Oct-2016 17:00:00