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Start: 27-Apr-2015
End: 27-Apr-2015

Demand Response Interruptible Load Program


Have you heard about Demand Response but always wanted to know what Demand Response is really about and how Demand Response can benefit your organization, but are confused with all the buzz words and jargon? This one-day program will give you some insight into the National Electricity of Singapore and how you can benefit from established Demand Response programs in Singapore.


Participants will have a better understanding of the way electricity is transacted in the National Electricity of Singapore and the implications of being a contestable consumers as compared to a non-contestable consumers. Participants will have a better understanding on what is Demand Response and how is Demand Response is implemented in Singapore in the form of Interruptible Loads. Participants will also be show how Interruptible Load participation can benefit their respective organization.

Target Audience

  1. Singapore Certified Energy Managers
  2. Electricity Procurement Managers
  3. ESCOs Consultants
  4. Facility Officers
  5. Sustainability Officers 

Extra Information

Contact Information; 63379886

Address Information

SEAS Training Centre @ Park Mall

Module Title Start Date End Date
Demand Response Interruptible Load 27-Apr-2015 09:00:00 27-Apr-2015 17:00:00