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Start: 01-Feb-2017
End: 01-Feb-2017

Climate Change, Mitigation & Adaptation Strategies


The programme aims to provide the participants insights on Climate Change with facts and figures.  It will highlight the practical understanding of what and how to report carbon footprint and how it could benefit the companies.  The program lists and explains the different solutions and technologies and how their positive effects could be amplified with Integrative Design.  A mechanism will also be explained on how it can empower individuals to contribute to the greater cause.


  • Mother Earth is sick - Facts and figures
  • General Causes to Climate Change - GHGs, The Greenhouse Effect and Reflectivity of Earth
  • Major Cause to Climate Change - Lack of Awareness
  • Singapore and global government initiatives
  • Introduction to carbon management and carbon foot printing
  • Overview of global carbon markets
  • GRI reporting and sustainability strategy
  • Solution - Empower companies and individuals
  • Highlights of the various Renewable Energy sources
  • Appropriate Technology and Economics on Renewable Energy
  • Integrative Design - Holistic Approach, PRISM, 12 Pillars of Sustainability
  • Case Studies

Learning outcome:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Climate Change and its implications
  • Identify the solutions to counteract the situation, including Renewables and Efficient Integrative designs
  • Truly understand that education is important and how every individual can be part of a mechanism that can mitigate climate change

Trainer: Mr. Vinod Kesava, CEO & Managing Director, Climate Resources Exchange (2014) Pte Ltd

C-Suite: TBC

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SEAS Training Centre at Park Mall

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Climate Change, Mitigation & Adaptation Strategies (Feb 2017 - date is not firm) 01-Feb-2017 09:00:00 01-Feb-2017 17:00:00