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Start: 19-Aug-2010
End: 19-Aug-2010

Carbon/CDM Masterclass for Finance Professionals


The mitigation of global climate change by reduction of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has become a reality, steadily picking up speed in all geographical areas worldwide.  Fuelled by the belief that market initiatives are the most effective way to find innovative solutions to combat climate change, carbon markets that are trading emission allowances and emission reductions, have been created inter alia by the EU ETS, the Kyoto Protocol, and its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).  The global markets trading these new commodities have been roughly doubling in value since 2004, are currently worth over USD 136 billion per year (2009), and are expected to be the biggest global commodity market by 2020.

This full day, hands-on course organized by experienced carbon developers, will therefore swiftly take you through the necessary basics of carbon trading and investment, discussing the current market mechanisms and the expected changes for the near future, and focus on risk mitigation and financing of carbon credit (CDM/VER) projects. 

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Early Bird Applications will close on 19 July 2010, Monday.
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Carbon/CDM Masterclass for Finance Professionals 19-Aug-2010 09:00:00 19-Aug-2010 17:00:00