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Start: 07-Jun-2010
End: 07-Jun-2010

Business Networking Session on Israeli Cleantech


Due to its lack of oil reserves, Israel is dependanr on expensive oil imports from far away suppliers. In light of the country's paid economic and population growth it has become challenging to supply its own peak electricity demands. These challenges are unspiring Israeli researchers and entrepreneurs to work on cutting-edge alternative energy technologies.

There are over 100 compaines in Israel today providing breakthrough solutions in renewable energy. Israeli alter native energy comapnies are considered industry pioneers in solar thermal and geothermal technologies are also leading innovations in the fields of bio-mass, wind, wave and energy efficiency technologies.

Leading the way in renewable energy research innovation:

  • 100 start-ups dedicated to developing alyernative energy technologies
  • Pioneering invention in domestic solar water heating
  • Israeli breakthrough - the world's largest thermal solar plant in the California Mojave desert

Israel is the only country Singapore has partnered to establish a bi-national fund to support joint industrial R&D collaborations (SIIRD- With Israel's vast network of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and leadership in the CleanTech sector, Israel can be your nexr Technology Partner.

The Singapore Business Federation, together with Embassy of Israel, is organizing a business mission to Israel from 27 June - 1 July 2010 to visit Israeli compaines in the cleantech sector and also to visit the CleanTech 2010 Conference and Exhibition. The visit programme also includes 1-on-1 pre-scheduled meetings with Israeli companies according to your interests.

Registration:Please RSVP by 04 June 2010, Friday
  Ms Jasmine Seah
 Fax: 6827 6829


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