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Start: 19-Jun-2011
End: 24-Jun-2011

Business Mission to Manila Philippines


Regionally Philippines has one of the most pro clean energy technology and services integration landscapes with its progressive energy policy nearing fruition. With a demand of 16,550 megawatts of additional capacity needed from 2010 to 2030 to meet the population’s energy demand the nation is geared towards improving its energy efficiency and deploying clean energy solutions across its vast landscape. As a result, Philippines is a market that cannot be ignored.

This business mission is organized with a view to garner project development and consulting opportunities in the sustainable energy sector and establish relations with local developers and specialist within this sector. These engagements will be conducted through 1-on-1 meetings with individual developers and project owners where Singapore based companies will share their capabilities and project developers will share project information and their needs for support.

SEAS mission is being staged alongside the ADB’s Clean Energy Forum delivering access to over 800 participants from across Asia seeking sustainable energy solutions, project financing / management and affiliated services. The key focal point of this years’ Forum is around "New Business Models and Policy Drivers: Building the Low-Carbon Future". This visit will also present participants with valuable networking opportunities for forays into regional projects.

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More programme details and registration is attached PDF “SEAS Manila Philippines Mission 19 -24 June 2011” for your consideration and support.

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Manila, Philippines

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Business Mission to Manila Philippines 19-Jun-2011 08:00:00 24-Jun-2011 17:00:00