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Start: 04-Sep-2018
End: 06-Sep-2018

Building Envelope and Lighting Systems









Course Summary

The façade together with the rest of the building envelope and roof contribute most to the solar heat gain of a building. Energy managers should be well-equipped with knowledge and technical skills to minimise these loads. Possession of a good knowledge of lighting products, systems, design & methods of integrating supplementary daylight will help energy managers to save on lighting and thermal loads.

Course Outcomes

1. Develop a ‘single skin’ concept for façade design to satisfy different issues arising from various types of curtain walls and their components
2. Evaluate inputs of Façade specialists and manage critical events during planning & installation
3. Define and calculate the ETTV and RETV of Wall, Roof and Fenestration of a building
4. Introduce Daylighting design via physical and computer simulations to meet requirements of Singapore Standards, Green Mark & LEED
5. Survey the existing lighting of a building with the use of a pre-designed template
6. Analyse the current lighting components and devise possible changes & retrofits with state-of-the-art lighting products for greater energy-efficiency
7. Evaluate the most appropriate new or retrofit solution based on initial cost as well as life-cycle economics
8. Integrate the above management practice into the business practice of clients and their own organisations

Speaker Profiles

K Seshadri (SESH) is CEO of Gritti Consulting Pte Ltd and Chairman of Singapore Standards Technical Committee (IEC 34) for Lamps & Related Equipment and Codes of practice (for Emergency lighting and Indoor-Outdoor work places).

Kelvin Kan is a registered Architect in the UK and Singapore and practiced in both countries for more than 10 years. Kelvin's strength is his ability to visualise and provide design concepts and solutions for unusual requirements including integration of LED lights for all  different facade systems.


 Alvin Cheong has 8 years experience as an ESD, acoustic and vibration engineer, providing designing and prediction consultancy as well as troubleshooting services to various industries.

Extra Information

Date: 5 - 7 September 2018

Time: 9am - 6pm


Before Funding: $963.00; After Funding: $577.80

Fees are inclusive of GST

E2I funding is available to all Singaporean and PRs.
Interested participants are to register for full qualification of 4 cores & 2 electives to be eligible for funding
Optional Examination fees at $85.60

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