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Start: 27-Jul-2015
End: 31-Jul-2015

Asian Regional Workshop on Roadmaps for Energy Efficiency


End-use sector’s energy efficiency is a key solution to meeting energy and economic challenges in developing Asia. Unlike approaches that simply expand energy supply, such as building new power plants, energy efficiency prioritizes actions that first reduce the need for energy. Such reductions may occur by decreasing energy losses in the supply chain, an approach known as supply-side energy efficiency (SSEE). Another approach is to consume less energy for the same level of service, for example, when operating buildings, tools, products, and machinery. This strategy is known as demand-side energy efficiency (DSEE).

This program is organized in the context of major challenges and opportunities for the energy saving as an energy source for economic growth in developing Asia. This would support the developing countries in its efforts to develop a modern, secure and sustainable energy system and this Energy Efficiency training seminar intends to build on this momentum by focusing on energy saving technologies, policies, solutions and best practices from around the world.


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The course is designed for professionals from the electricity industry such as government policy makers, independent power producers, electricity retailers and project financiers.

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Module Title Start Date End Date
Energy Efficiency Roadmap 27-Jul-2015 09:00:00 31-Jul-2015 17:00:00