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Start: 06-Sep-2013
End: 10-Sep-2013

SCEM (Professional Level: Individual module - Energy Recovery and Reuse - Industry Sector (Sep'13 intake)


The programme envisions an SCEM as:

A competent energy professional equipped to perform technical and managerial functions as a qualifies person in the areas of:

  • Energy Assessments, management and measurements
  • Energy retrofitting services
  • Consultation and procurement services
  • Facility and Energy management
  • Energy engineering works
  • Basic finanicial advisory services for energy efficiency measures and contracting

It is designed as a voluntary professional career upgrading scheme, supporting the national effort to enhance energy efficiency services for business.

Course Modules

Course Dates


Energy Recovery and Reuse

6, 9, 10 Sep'13

9am - 6pm


  • Describe pinch analysis and its methodologies, benefits and applications
  • Apply pinch analysis methods to find targets for heat exchanger networks
  • Apply pinch analysis methodology to design and evolve heat exchanger networks
  • Discuss other energy recovery techniques for chemical and process industries
  • Analyze and improve energy efficiency of chemical, thermal and related processes


  • Introduction/Overview -Energy Reuse and Efficiency; Heat Exchanger Networks; Pinch Analysis; Industrial Experience; Contents and Learning Outcomes
  • Heat Exchangers -Types, Basic Principles; Design Equations
  • Pinch Analysis Concepts -Main steps; Temperature-Enthalpy Diagram; Composite Curves, Problem Table, Pinch and its Significance; Grand Composite Curves; Choice of Minimum Driving Force; Heat Exchanger Network - Grid Representation and Design for Maximum Energy Recovery; Examples
  • Targeting -Utilities; Threshold Problems; Area and Number of Units; Optimal (DT)min; Examples
  • Heat Exchanger Network Design -Stream Splitting and Cyclic Matching; Network Relaxation; Threshold Problems; Examples
  • Other Energy Recovery Techniques -Waste HEat Recovery using Absorption Chillers; Recompression and Reuse of Vapor Streams; Power Recovery from High Pressure Streams; Use of High Efficiency Pumps, Compressors and Drivers; Process Modifications for Energy Efficiency
  • Industrial Applications -Case Studies (From Chemical Processes and/or Waste Heat Recovery Applications)
  • Discussion and Conclusion (1 hour) -Discussion on energy recovery and reuse techniques, their application including an integrated approach for improving energy efficiency of processes


Prof Rangaiah Gade Pandu & Mr Tim Shire

Registration closes on: 16 August 2013, Friday (1st come 1st serve basis)


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training@seas.org.sg or 63379886

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SEAS Training Centre @ Park Mall

Module Title Start Date End Date
SCEM (Professional Level: Individual module - Energy Recovery and Reuse - Industry Sector (Sep'13 intake) 06-Sep-2013 09:00:00 06-Sep-2013 06:00:00
SCEM (Professional Level: Individual module - Energy Recovery and Reuse - Industry Sector (Sep'13 intake) 09-Sep-2013 09:00:00 10-Sep-2013 06:00:00