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Knowledge Integration Services Singapore Pte Ltd

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KIS Group is renowned as world leading sustainable technologies provider. THE BEST CREATE THE FIRST. We have created many “FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD” sustainable Green technologies / solutions to create Wealth out of Waste (Both solid and liquid wastes). Received several AWARDS globally. We are providing sustainable clean technologies for Biogas, Water & Effluent Treatment Plants. Agricultural & Industrial waste water is converted into profitable and green energy resource. Our Biogas Projects involve our proven technologies ZPHB™ (Zero Pollution Higher Biogas), Higher Biogas™ & Biopower™. We are market leading Biogas technology provider in South East Asia. We have done several Biogas power plants of various capacities ranging from 1 MW up to 7.5 MW. Our 7.5 MW Biogas power plant is largest Biogas power plant in South East Asia. Our WTP (Water Treatment Plant) projects involve RO, UF, DM, UV, Ozonation, Chlorination & combination of these. Under STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) & ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) we have Zero Discharge™, Zero Pond™, MBBR, MBR, ASP, SBR Technologies. These contribute in converting waste to wealth and reduction in Green House Gas emissions, thus contributing towards reduction of Carbon Foot prints for our clients and also in preserving our Earth at its best. We have developed ZCT™ which involve zero chemical requirements for waste water treatment, using ECR & OH principles. We are also providing complete turnkey projects on BOT and BOOT basis. We are the only technology provider in South East Asia providing complete solutions with CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) for Palm Oil Mill Effluents & other Industrial waste water. We have global footprints with our own offices in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Brazil & Colombia. We have provided Solutions/ Technologies to our prestigious clients like Unilever, Sinarmas, Cargill, SIPEF, UPL (United Phosphorous), Astra, Citra Borneo Indah & many others across world for water and waste water treatment.

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\'Knowledge House\', 516, 12th Main, M S Ramaiah Enclave, 8th Mile, Hesarghatta Road
Bangalore - 560073, India

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