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Greensync Holdings Pte Ltd

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GreenSync was founded in 2010 through the realisation that the energy landscape was on the cusp of transformation. All we needed was to develop the technology to help catalyse that transformation. With the goal of reducing energy consumption through behaviour-change programs, we initially worked closely with businesses to help curve energy consumption through providing data and insights into usage, energy pricing and trends. By 2012, we had capitalised on the power of automation and control: giving businesses the ability to ‘set and forget’ and save money through more powerful technology. This approach is built into each product today. Growing up in Australia, with one of the largest and most complex machines in the world (the National Electricity Market) as our backdrop and an ever changing energy landscape – we have learned to address challenges head on. Today we are lucky enough to work with Australia’s leading electricity retailers and network providers.

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48a Amoy Street
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