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Engie Lab Singapore Pte Ltd

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ENGIE Lab Singapore joins other ENGIE presences in the region, spanning two years of work and including 1,600 employees, to become a hub for sustainable energy in Southeast Asia. The Lab will both manage projects in research and development of new technologies and support existing technologies, working towards a myriad of goals including providing high-level technical support, developing tech pilots, and addressing regional challenges in new and innovative ways. ENGIE has some major green and sustainable energy goals for Singapore that the Lab is primed to solve. It will notably be providing consulting services in order to optimize industrial processes and help individual countries reduce their carbon footprints. In addition, ENGIE hopes to facilitate a transition away from traditional energy sources and towards natural gas. Currently, this initiative includes monitoring techniques to both improve fault detection and decrease maintenance costs.

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108 Pasir Panjang Road, #05-04 Golden Agri Plaza
SG 118535

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