The SCEM Programme offers formal training and certification system in the area of energy management.  It is designed for engineering professionals who intend to build their career as energy managers.  The programme gives a thorough understanding of the key energy issues either in the building or industry sector.  Through the programme, participants will develop technical skills and competence in energy services and energy management work within the organisation they serve.

There are 2 certifiable training levels for SCEM, namely Associate and Professional levels.  Both levels are defined for the Industry and Building sectors.  Each individual needs to undertake 4 core and 2 elective modules, pass the respective examinations and acquire relevant working experience to qualify for the SCEM certification.  The whole SCEM programme takes 144 - hour in total to complete.  Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore  (SEAS) is a registered training provider for both SCEM Associate and Professional levels.

The SCEM Programme is also supported by Singapore Workforce Development Agency's Absentee Payroll funding. Applicant companies can apply for the funding in the SkillsConnect system. For more information, please contact SkillsConnect.

Please click on the links below to find out more about the Associate and Professional level SCEM courses.

SCEM Associate Level

SCEM Professional Level