1. What is PowerACE about?

PowerACE is a pitching competition for start-ups either working directly in the energy sector or which provide support to companies in the energy industry and wants to involve all players of the energy start-up ecosystem. It is an ideal platform for sharing ideas and innovations with investors and large corporations looking to supplement their existing business.

2. When and where is it held?

The top 12 start-ups will pitch their solutions virtually on October 28, 2020.

3. Who is the organiser of PowerACE?

PowerACE is organised by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), in partnership with the Private Financing Authority Network (PFAN) and Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy (Ecolabs).

For more information on what SEAS does and its services, please visit www.seas.org.sg

For more information on what PFAN does and its services, please visit www.pfan.net

For more information on what Ecolabs does and its services, please visit www.ecolabs.sg

4. How many editions of PowerACE has there been?

With the first edition of PowerACE launched in 2017, this year’s event marks its third edition.

5. How are PowerACE participants selected?

The PowerACE participants must first fulfil 2 eligibility criteria; Maximum 5 years since the creation of the company & Maximum 5 Million SGD funding received. Participants will then be assessed based on the creativity of their innovations and the top 12 finalists will be selected by our pre-jury panel. These startups will pitch their solutions to the jury panel virtually on October 28, 2020. The 3 winning startups will be announced on the same day.

6. Can I watch the pitching session of the Top 12 PowerACE 2020 finalists?

Members of the public are welcome to listen to the pitching session of the Top 12 finalists of PowerACE 2020 on October 28, 2020. Registration will be sent out closer to the event date.  

7. What are the Key Themes for PowerACE 2020?

The key themes for PowerACE 2020 include Digital Applications, Decentralised and Off-Grid Systems, Clean Energy (Renewables, Energy Efficiency), New Frontier Technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT) and E-Mobility.

8. How do I register to take part in PowerACE 2020?

Submission is now closed. For updates on the competition, please visit the PowerACE page. For any registration enquiries, please contact Shabnam at shabnam@seas.org.sg or call +65 6338 8578.

9. When is the submission deadline for PowerACE 2020?

Submission is now closed. For updates on the competition, please visit the PowerACE page.