Smart Grids

Demand for electricity in homes, industries, and commercial areas vary throughout the day and year. Thus, smart grids help to manage this demand – allocating electricity to where it is needed at a specific point in time, and diverting electricity away from areas that do not need it. With the government embarking on more test beds and R&D, Singapore is emerging as a leader in this area.


There are a few test-bed projects that the government has embarked on such as the Experimental Power Grid Centre on Jurong Island, the Pulau Ubin Micro-Grid Test Bed, and the recently announced Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore (REIDS), that are platforms to explore how Singapore can integrate smart grids into our infrastructure. You can read more in the case studies section.  

Training Courses

We currently do not have any training courses on smart grids. Stay tuned for updates!

Case Studies

Click here to read about the Pulau Ubin Micro-Grid Test Bed project.

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