Business Development

By offering a combination of financing, advisory and consulting services, SEAS can help in the development of sustainable energy technologies and provide support for you to test and showcase your innovations in Singapore. In addition, SEAS has a strong focus on assisting existing companies to identify and forge partnerships that can help you leverage the knowledge of local experts in Singapore, and across the region.

SEAS also facilitates consortium based developments for local projects and large scale international project bids. Local consortiums can consist of MNCs together with SMEs to address the service and technology needs of larger entities. International consortiums can be formed from companies with experience in large-scale regional projects. Companies participating in consortiums can benefit from our strong relationships with local and regional governments, international financing institutions, and industry organisations.

The SEAS Enterprise Development programme has also been set up to assist Singapore based companies, in particular SME's, with consultancy services, project development and the commercialisation of new technology. SMEs can access funding for collaborative project development within their sector and/or through a MNC partnership.